Start The Tax Prep Process with Experience

Virtual tax preparation. Intake forms to use as guides to help you find all your tax deductions.

Set your Pre-Processing appointment by using the scheduling app or by calling Laurie at 704-980-0899 to ensure you'll provide the documents needed to get you all of the credits and deductions you deserve.

Upload Your Documents with Convenience

Client Portal to upload tax documents from home using your cellphone.

Upload your tax documents and statements using the "Guest Exchange" or your registered Client Portal account. You can use your phone, tablet, or laptop to upload the documents - simply done!

Finish the Interview with Affordability

Virtual Tax Appointment to review your tax return, electronically sign your tax return and efile.

You'll receive notice when your return is complete. A final face-to-face Tax Return Review ,and we're ready to e-file your return.  And you'll be happy to know that fees are listed right on this website - so no bill time surprises!

Laurie Johnson - owner, RTRP, AFC

Laurie V. Johnson
Income Tax Preparation, Tax Service, Money Strategist, Money Coaching.

Experience. Convenience. Affordability

As a Registered Tax Return Preparer with over 25 years of experience, Laurie Johnson will provide you all the credits and deductions you are entitled using the MobileTax.Pro process.

The MobileTax.Pro process is simple, convenient, and allows you to have your taxes professionally prepared without ever having to leave your couch! All with affordable prices that are hard to beat! 

Money, Savings

Did you book your appointment today? No upfront payment to schedule and we'll accurately process your tax returns!