What You Will Need

For your tax preparation services you will need:

* A valid government-issued picture ID for yourself and your spouse

* The tax identification number of each person on your return  (SSN or TIN)

* Your bank routing and account numbers for refunds or payments

* Last year's tax return

* Your tax documentation (W2s, 1099s, etc.)

* Documentation to assist with taking deductions or claiming credits

See the Resources section for additional information.

Intake Forms

1. Start with an detailed overview of our process which allows you to know what will happen every step of the way.

Mobile Tax Pro VIRTUAL - START HERE (pdf)


2. Choose your preparation guide.

  • The "Simple Intake Form" is for Seniors, Students and Simple Tax Filers with no children, few deductions and no credits, 
  • The "Standard Intake Form" is for returns with children, Itemized deductions, and Credits,
  • The "Advanced Intake Form" covers the most common types of income, including investments income,
  • The "Complex Intake Form" includes the Business Expense and Home Office worksheets.


Client Portal

Upload Your Documents to Start The Virtual Tax Preparation Process.

3 Years of Audit Assistance

Income Tax Return Audit Assistance

1 Full Year of ID Theft Restoration

Personal Identity Theft Restoration